112 | a parent’s path to supporting her PDA teen with Steph Curtis

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Dr. Tay and Steph Curtis discuss:

  1. the nuances of raising a child with pathological demand avoidance (PDA), emphasizing early detection, adapting parenting techniques, and understanding unique needs.
  2. the journey to find the right educational setting for a child with PDA, dealing with societal pressures, and the critical role of flexibility and individualized approaches.
  3. leveraging community support and personal growth through blogging and writing, highlighting the value of connecting with community and the intersection of PDA with conditions like ADHD and anxiety.


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Steph’s Blog

PDA in the Family: Life After the Lightbulb Moment

Sasha’s Animation About her School Experiences

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*please note: in this episode, many terminologies and phrases are used to describe autism. Dr. Tay honors what each child and family prefers, and intentionally chooses to use affirming and identity-first language after listening to autistic adults and their preferences. various guests on the podcast are likely to use the language that they have been exposed to the most.

**also PDA is a theorized profile of autism and not a clinical diagnosis. however, it has been a helpful conceptualization for many parents to learn about how their child’s brain is wired. our knowledge of PDA is currently unfolding and I will do my best to share up-to-date, balanced information. To learn more about PDA, please listen to episode 110