18 | sensory processing with occupational therapist Dr. Sam Goldman

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we talk a lot about sensory aspects in autism, but how do you know if your child has challenges with that and what should you do?

sensory elements and factors can really impact your autistic* child’s daily life, and sometimes these can be triggers for things like emotion dysregulation, attention, or even difficulty with transitions.

this week, I’m joined by Dr. Sam Goldman, an expert in autism and the sensory systems. in this episode, we cover the eight (yes, eight!) senses. we also discuss different types of sensory difficulties and examples of how this may be showing up in your child’s life.

this episode will help you: 

  • understand what occupational therapy will help to address
  • learn how to identify sensory challenges
  • discuss how to support your child in sensory regulation

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Favorite books: Sensational Kids, The Out-of-Sync Child

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*please note: in this episode, both identity-first (autistic child) and person-first language (child with autism) are used. although as clinicians and practitioners we are slowly learning to shift our language and take the lead from the autistic community, the stance of this podcast is that we ultimately want to honor what each child and family prefer.