65 | is your child not speaking in public? a deep dive into selective mutism and autism with Eleanor Ezell, LCSW

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in this podcast episode, Dr. Tay welcomes Eleanor Ezell, LCSW to the podcast. we discuss selective mutism, also known as SM, an anxiety disorder where children are unable to speak in certain settings, with certain people, or in certain situations. Eleanor offers insights into how this disorder can be identified, distinguished from language delay, and effectively treated with Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). the episode concludes with a discussion on differential diagnosis and the interplay between selective mutism and autism. a great listen if you have concerns about your child not speaking in public or you want to learn more about co-occurring diagnoses with autism.


0:00:00 introduction to Eleanor Ezell, LCSW and selective mutism (SM)

0:08:10 identifying SM

0:17:27 treatment for SM using Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

0:31:21 overlap of autism and SM

0:43:18 communication challenges in autism and SM and the use of neurodivergent affirming care

0:53:55 supports and resources for parents


⚡️ connect and learn from Eleanor on Instagram @growlittleminds and her clinical practice. resources also on Selective Mutism Association, for which Eleanor serves as a a board member

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*please note: in this episode, both identity-first (autistic child) and person-first language (child with autism) are used. although as clinicians and practitioners, we are slowly learning to shift our language and take the lead from the autistic community, the stance of this podcast is that we ultimately want to honor what each child and family prefer. additionally, in the SM field, person-first language remains most common at this time.

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