75 | can my child see a psychologist? (and why would they?)

answering YOUR questions on today’s episode!

on today’s Dr. Tay breaks down the different specialty fields and what types of providers can diagnose vs. do therapy. we focus on the field of psychology, as psychologists are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive care, including diagnosis and therapy services. the other fields covered in this episode include psychiatry, developmental behavioral pediatrics, neurology, mental health therapists, and school psychology.

NOTE: in this episode, I do not touch on the therapists who focus on developmental skills, such as speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. these types of therapists provide great support services but are unable to diagnose autism. basically any profession with the title “therapist” are typically unable to diagnose autism.


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DISCLAIMER >> anything shared on this podcast should not be considered clinical advice, and you should consult with your team of medical, mental health, and developmental providers if you need support.

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