82 | advocacy, social media, and the power of parental support: a conversation with with Dr. Myava Clark and her son, Chris Clark

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Dr. Tay hosts mother-son duo, Dr. Myava Clark and Chris Clark, to discuss their experiences and advocacy for navigating educational support systems for children with learning differences. Dr. Clark shares her early advocacy efforts for Chris who experienced developmental delays and learning differences. Chris talks about his realization of learning differently and points out the importance of open communication. their experiences inspired the co-founding of ‘CASEN’, an organization and program designed to guide young people on safe and responsible usage of social media. they provide resources on social-emotional development, bullying identification, mental health development, and social media readiness. both stress the importance of celebrating individuals’ abilities and strengths rather than focusing on their weaknesses.


02:23 Guests share their backgrounds

04:20 Discussion on early challenges and advocacy

13:25 Chris’ personal experience and reflections

18:45 Advocacy in education and tailoring learning paths

23:05 Chris’s high school experience

25:43 Chris’ regrets and lessons learned

31:00 The role of parents in social dedia safety

32:51 The development of the CASEN program and app

35:32 The importance of social media readiness


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*please note: in this episode, many terminologies and phrases are used to describe autism and other disabilities. Dr. Tay honors what each child and family prefers, and intentionally chooses to use affirming and identity-first language after listening to autistic adults and their preferences. various guests on the podcast are likely to use the language that they have been exposed to the most.

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