81 | drowning prevention and swim safety for autistic children with Kira La Forgia

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in this episode, Dr. Tay discusses swim and water safety for autistic children with Kira La Forgia, the COO of Floatie’s Swim School and founder of The Paradigmm HR. they discuss the importance of swim lessons and creating a safe environment around water. Kira shares tips for parents on building awareness for themselves and their children regarding water safety. they also discuss the different types of swim lessons and the benefits of inclusive programs. Kira highlights the signs of drowning and emphasizes the importance of prevention. finally, they touch on the importance of patience and support when it comes to teaching autistic children how to swim.


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⚡️ find a swim school near you >> United States Swim School Association website

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*please note: in this episode, many terminologies and phrases are used to describe autism. Dr. Tay honors what each child and family prefers, and intentionally chooses to use affirming and identity-first language after listening to autistic adults and their preferences. v

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